240 Boxed Incense Sticks, YUME NO YUME, Lotus Flowers

240 Boxed Incense Sticks, YUME NO YUME, Lotus Flowers

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Product origin made in Japan
Number of sticks 240
Length of the sticks 14 cm

Yume No Yume Lotus flower, sandalwood incense that emits little smoke
Since the dawn of time, sandalwood has always been considered a precious and sacred perfume. Give yourself a moment of relaxation and treat yourself with its clear and luminous notes. In the Kobin Wakashu, the Buddhist poet Sojo Henjo (816 - 890) wonders:
“As they grow in muddy waters,
the leaves of the lotus possess a pure spirit.
But why do they fool us confusing us
dew on their surface with a jewel? »

Yume no Yume incense – literally dream of dreams – combines poetry and fragrances. They evoke texts from the Kokin Wakashu, Anthology of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry. This compilation of waka poems was published in the 10th century, around 100 years before the famous Tale of Genji.

The format of the large boxes is ideal if you are a heavy incense consumer. It is also an original idea to make a scented gift. The number of sticks is given as an indication and may vary depending on the production batch.

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