Japanese linen

Discover the art of Japanese textiles with our collection of authentic Japanese linens. From luxurious silk kimonos to minimalist cotton towels, our range of Japanese linens offers something for everyone.


  • The furoshiki of Japan

    Discover the art of Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to carry objects and gifts with elegance and sustainability. Our collection features a variety of colors and patterns that will suit any occasion.

  • Household linen from...
    Our Japanese-inspired home linen collection will transport you to the serene beauty of the Land of the Rising Sun. With elegant designs and premium-quality materials, our linen range showcases the minimalist and refined aesthetic that Japan is renowned for. From luxurious bed linens to stylish table runners, our collection has everything you need to add a touch of Japanese sophistication to your home.
  • The tenugui of Japan
    Discover the beauty and versatility of traditional Japanese tenugui with our extensive collection. Our tenugui feature unique designs and can be used as towels, headbands, decorations, and more. Shop now and add a touch of Japan to your lifestyle.

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