The decoration of Japan

Our Japanese decoration category is filled with exquisite pieces that will add a touch of tranquility and elegance to your home. From delicate cherry blossom prints to minimalist Zen-inspired pieces, we have a wide selection of decor items to choose from.


  • Japanese linen

    Discover the art of Japanese textiles with our collection of authentic Japanese linens. From luxurious silk kimonos to minimalist cotton towels, our range of Japanese linens offers something for everyone.

  • The lamps of Japan
    Discover the beauty of Japanese culture with our collection of lamps from Japan. From traditional paper lanterns to contemporary LED designs, our lamps showcase the unique craftsmanship and elegance of Japanese lighting.
  • Japanese cushions and...
    Our collection of Japanese cushions and makuras are the perfect addition to any home looking for a touch of traditional elegance. Made from high-quality materials and featuring intricate designs, these cushions provide both comfort and style.
  • The bells and...
    Discover the beauty of Japanese bells and chimes with our collection of traditional and modern designs. From temple bells to wind chimes, our selection offers a variety of sounds and styles to complement any space.
  • the Lucky cat Maneki-neko
    Discover the world of Japanese Maneki Neko cats, also known as the Beckoning Cat. These iconic figurines are believed to bring good luck and fortune. Explore our collection of Manekineko cats and find the perfect lucky charm for your home or office.
  • Ikebana flower spikes
    Explore our collection of exquisite ikebana flower arranging tools, including a range of elegant and functional flower spikes. Our selection of pique fleurs ikebana are expertly crafted to help you create stunning floral arrangements in the traditional Japanese style. From simple and minimalist to intricate and ornate, our pique fleurs are the perfect addition to any ikebana toolkit.
  • Japanese ikebana,...

    Discover the art of Ikebana with our Japanese Ikebana vases and soliflores. Our collection features a variety of styles and sizes to complement any home or office decor. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, these vases and soliflores are perfect for displaying your favorite flowers and creating stunning floral arrangements.

  • Japanese carpets and...

    Discover the beauty and comfort of traditional Japanese flooring with our collection of authentic Japanese tatami mats and carpets. Made from the finest natural materials, our tatami and carpets provide a unique aesthetic and softness underfoot, perfect for any home or dojo.

  • The koinobori
    Koinobori, or "carp streamers," are a beloved symbol of Japanese culture. These colorful windsocks are traditionally flown during Children's Day to represent strength, courage, and determination. Discover the history and significance of koinobori in Japan.
  • Japanese owl
    Discover the captivating world of Japanese owls and owls with our collection of beautiful and unique specimens. From the majestic eagle owl to the adorable pygmy owl, explore the diverse range of species and learn about their fascinating behaviors and habitats.
  • Japanese rabbits - Usagi
    Discover our stunning collection of Japanese rabbit figurines, also known as Usagi statuettes. Each one is expertly crafted with intricate details that capture the essence of these beloved creatures.
  • The statuettes of Japan
    Explore our exquisite collection of Japanese statuettes, crafted by skilled artisans and inspired by centuries-old traditions. From samurai warriors to mystical creatures, each piece is a unique work of art that embodies the beauty and complexity of Japanese culture.
  • Japanese masks
    Discover our exquisite collection of Japanese masks, crafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques. From Noh masks to Kabuki masks, each piece tells a unique story and carries deep cultural significance.
  • Japanese antiques
    Discover the beauty and history of Japanese Antiques. Our collection includes traditional ceramics, swords, lacquerware, and more. Each piece is unique and tells a story of Japan's rich cultural heritage.
  • Japanese Daruma dolls
    Our Japanese Daruma Dolls are the perfect way to bring good luck and fortune into your life. These traditional dolls are handcrafted with vibrant colors and a unique design that is sure to catch your eye.
  • Hakone marquetry
    Discover the beauty of Hakone marquetry - a centuries-old craft that combines delicate woodwork with intricate patterns to create stunning works of art.
  • Japanese wall decorations
    Bring a touch of Japanese elegance to your home with our stunning collection of wall decorations. From traditional Japanese motifs to contemporary designs, our selection offers something for every taste.
  • Meditation and incense
    Our meditation and incense category offers a range of products to help you create a calming and soothing atmosphere for your meditation practice.
  • Japanese noren curtains
    Discover the beauty and functionality of Japanese noren curtains, perfect for dividing spaces and adding a touch of elegance to any room.
  • Dolls from Japan
    Our Japanese dolls category features an exquisite selection of traditional dolls crafted by skilled artisans from Japan.
  • The paper models of Japan
    Our collection of Japanese paper models is a delight for craft enthusiasts and fans of traditional Japanese culture. These intricate and beautifully designed paper models are a testament to the precision and skill of Japanese craftsmanship.
  • Japanese pens
    Discover the elegance and precision of Japanese pens with our collection of fine writing instruments. From sleek and modern designs to traditional craftsmanship, our selection of Japanese pens offers a range of styles and functions for any writer.
  • Papers and office...
    Discover the beauty and functionality of Japanese paper and office supplies. From washi tape to high-quality notebooks, our selection has everything you need to elevate your workspace.
  • Gift ideas

    Discover our selection of gift ideas at various prices, but also Japanese boxes ready to offer!

  • Japanese lanterns -...

    Japanese Lanterns - Chōchin: Elegance and Utility, a Cultural Symbol of Japan.

  • Japanese tablets - Ema

    Immerse yourself in the rich spiritual heritage of Japan with our collection of Japanese Ema. These wooden tablets, often adorned with intricate artwork and prayers, hold a special place in the heart of Shinto tradition. Discover the significance of these tablets as they offer insights into the spiritual world of Shinto temples and their connection to the natural elements. Explore our diverse range of Ema to appreciate the beauty and symbolism that permeates Japanese culture.

  • Japanese Wasaga umbrella
    Add an authentic touch of Japan to your outdoor decor with our stunning collection of Japanese umbrellas. These elegant and functional accessories feature intricate designs and high-quality materials for an exceptional level of craftsmanship.
  • Manga, Anime &...

    Dive into the fascinating world of Japanese heroes and warriors with our exceptional collection of Manga, Anime, and Tokusatsu figures. Each piece is finely sculpted and hand-painted, capturing the essence of your favorite characters. Whether you're a fan of iconic series or new hits, discover figures that bring your animated stories and favorite tokusatsu adventures to life.

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