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The decoration of Japan
Discover here a set of decorative objects imported from Japan.

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  • Japanese linen
    Discover here a set of Japanese linen: furoshiki for wrapping gifts and bento, tenugui, hand or beach towels and many others imported from Japan.
  • The lamps of Japan
    Discover lamps made in Japan here.
  • Japanese cushions and...
    Discover here traditional Japanese cushions and makura, ideal for a good position of the neck.
  • The bells and...
    Discover here traditional bells and carillons, for a Japanese and relaxing atmosphere.
  • the Lucky cat Maneki-neko

    A maneki-neko, also called lucky cat is a traditional Japanese ceramic or porcelain statue, representing a cat sitting and raising its paw (s) to the level of the ear. It is commonly found on storefronts, near checkouts in shopping malls, in pachinko parlors, etc.

  • Ikebana flower spikes
    The kenzan keeps the flowers of the composition vertical as part of ikebana, the Japanese floral art. Composed of a heavy metal base, surmounted by needles on which the flowers are pricked.
  • Ikebana, vases and...
    Aesthetic and spiritual practice, ikebana, Japanese floral art allows you to reconnect with nature in order to achieve true inner harmony.
  • Japanese screens
    Find here our range of Japanese screens to give a Japanese touch to your interior and create new spaces.
  • Japanese Wasaga umbrella
    Japanese umbrellas are made of bamboo for the handle and frame, and washi paper for the cover. The structure is often black in color, while the cover takes on the color red or purple, but can be varied.
  • Japanese carpets and...

    Discover exclusively our wide selection of Japanese made rice straw (goza) rugs and tatami

  • The koinobori
    Discover our selection of koinobori to hang indoors or outdoors as during the traditional children's festival which takes place in early May in Japan.
  • Japanese paper models

    Discover our selection of Japanese paper models and realize Nagoya Castle, Inari Shrine or Mount Fuji.

  • Japanese owl
    A wide selection of decorative objects bearing the effigy of owls and owls, symbols of wisdom and knowledge in Japan.
  • Japanese rabbits - Usagi

    Ceramic ornaments, chopsticks and fans: find our selection of Japanese rabbit products, an emblematic figure of Japan.

  • The statuettes of Japan
    Decorate your interior with original and varied Japanese statuettes.
  • Japanese masks
    Add a Japanese touch to your interior with our selection of masks with traditional symbols.
  • Japanese stationery
    Find here various Japanese stationery items: origami papers, pens and pencils, erasers and many more.
  • Japanese antiques
    Find here a selection of Japanese antiques at the best price.
  • Japanese Daruma dolls

    Discover our traditional Japanese Daruma paper dolls

  • Hakone marquetry - YOSEGI
    The Hakone region, located east of Tokyo in Kanagawa Prefecture, is known for its expertise in yosegi marquetry. The pieces produced by the companies are of high quality and illustrate a certain originality.
  • Japanese wall decorations
    Choose from our range of Japanese prints, kakemono and more modern illustrations to decorate your home.
  • Zen meditation

    Incense, cushions, dharma bowls... You will find in this section all our articles for meditation or to create a zen atmosphere at home.

  • Japanese noren curtains
    The noren is a short split curtain fabric that is clings to the front door shops or houses in Japan. It usually carries the my family or serves teaches the merchant.

  • Japanese dolls
    Discover here many wooden or paper dolls, made in Japan.
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items