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Japanese teacups

Find our selection of traditional Japanese cups to taste all your teas.

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  • Tea bowls - Japanese tea ceremony

    Discover our different tea bowls, perfect for the Japanese tea ceremony.

  • Japanese cup sets

    Discover our sets of Japanese cups in various shapes and colors, ideal for sharing tea.

  • Japanese soba noodle cups

    Discover our SOBA CHOKO noodle cups with typical Japanese patterns.

  • Japanese tea cups

    Traditional Japanese Yunomi tea cups, which are usually made of ceramic, are used for drinking tea on a daily basis.

  • Chawanmushi cups

    Japanese traditional cups with Chawanmushi cover traditionally welcome chawanmushi flan, but they can also be used for tasting soups or other drinks.

  • Cups with handles made in Japan

    Traditional Japanese mugs are perfect for enjoying all your Japanese teas or even hot chocolate.