Lucky red daruma japanese doll, DARUMA, size of your choice

Lucky red daruma japanese doll, DARUMA, size of your choice

SS 4.5cm

S 6.5cm

M 9cm

L 12cm

LL 15cm

LLL 22cm

XL 24cm

XXL 47cm

XXXL 75cm

Reference 5-STA-DARUMA RD - 4.5cm N0

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Compositions Paper
Product origin made in Japan
Colour red
Height 4.5 / 6.5 / 9 / 12 / 15 / 22 / 24 / 47 / 75 cm

Description :
Daruma dolls, iconic symbols of Japanese culture, embody the spirit of wishing and perseverance. Every detail of this papier-mâché figurine is carefully crafted to reflect the wisdom and spirituality of the monk Bodhidharma.

Tradition of wishes:
The Japanese tradition surrounding Daruma dolls is as rich as it is meaningful. When you receive your Daruma, you have the opportunity to make a wish by drawing the pupil of the first eye. If your wish comes true, the second pupil is drawn as a sign of gratitude.

Colors and meanings:

    Red: Bringer of good luck and prosperity, the red Daruma is ideal for starting new projects or challenges.
    White: Representing purity and balance, white Daruma promotes clarity of mind and inner peace.
    Golden: Associated with wealth and fame, the golden Daruma is perfect for aspiring to financial success.
    Black: Providing protection against negative influences, the Black Daruma is a powerful spiritual guardian.
    Green: Symbolizing health and fitness, the green Daruma inspires an active and energetic life.
    Orange: Promoting academic success or prosperity, the orange Daruma is the ideal companion for students and entrepreneurs.
    Blue: Representing professional success, the blue Daruma is a powerful ally for career ambitions.
    Purple: Encouraging personal development and overall health, Purple Daruma is an inspiring choice.
    Pink: Embodying love and romance, the pink Daruma is the perfect gift to celebrate affection and passion.

Each Daruma doll is carefully crafted by Japanese artisans, ensuring exceptional quality and cultural authenticity. Make your Daruma a life companion, bearer of your hopes and dreams, and set off to discover the magic of fulfilled wishes.

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