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  • Japanese pens

    Add a Japanese touch to your office equipment with our elegant pens with rich, typically Japanese patterns.

  • Japanese Tenugui

    Tenugui (手 拭) is a kind of fine Japanese cotton towel. It generally measures 35 × 90 cm and is white, sometimes adorned with the family “name”, or printed with various patterns, notably traditional.

    It can be used daily as a handkerchief or like any other towel, for cooking, hands, dishes, etc., but also as a souvenir or decoration. Terry towels have now largely replaced its use in the home.

    Tenugui can also serve as an advertising medium for shops or storytellers.

  • Japanese phone charms

    Personalize your phone or keyring with our colourful phone charms.

  • Keychain

    Customize your keyring with our selection of keychain made in japan.

  • Headband

    The hachimaki (鉢 巻) is an absorbent headband that the Japanese wear around their heads as a symbol of determination, courage or hard work that makes you sweat. It consists of the twist of a tenugui, a fine cotton towel about one meter long.

    The banner can have Japanese or Chinese characters saying for example "work" or "courage", it can also just be red.

  • Beauty accessories

    Make your choice from our selection of beauty accessories that are always useful to have with you.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items