Japanese cuisine

discover all the art of the Japanese table including ceramic tableware, cast iron and japanese knives

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  • Japanese kitchen utensils

    discover the traditional utensils of Japanese cuisine; donabe, tray, spoons, hida konro grill ... etc

  • japanese teacups made...

    discover our Japanese traditional ceramic tea cups made in Japan

  • the japanese knives

    find the best and cheapest traditional japanese knives made in japan at Seki

  • The japanese rice and...

    find the best and cheapest japanese bowls made in traditional Japanese soup or rice.

  • The Japanese plates

    Here is our collection of traditional Japanese dishes and plates made in Japan.

  • The Japanese teapots

    Come and discover our range of ceramic terracotta or cast-ironed teapots made in Japan. For tea tasting, quality and authentic teapots that will make you enjoy the benefits of tea and for a long time.

  • the japanese teaboxes
    Discover our best tea boxes covered with washi paper in different colors and patterns made in Japan. Keep your tea conserve preciously and with originality at low prices.
  • The pairs of...

    Our collection of pairs of chopsticks and chopsticks rests made in Japan to discover at little prices to ornament your tables and taste your typical Japanese dishes.

  • Japanese Sake set

    Japanese Sake set

  • The Japanese lunch...

    Come and discover our selection of Japanese bentô meal boxes made in Japan. Practical and useful to carry your dishes wherever you want.

  • The Japanese glass

    Discover Japanese glass with multiple colors, multiple designs, and various shapes.