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Find here directly from Japan all Japanese traditional clothing for men or women.

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  • Vintage Kimono and...

    Discover our selection of vintage Japanese Kimono and Yukata

  • Japan's belts and Obi

    Discover our selection of Japanese belts and Obi

  • Japan's kimonos and...

    The kimono is straight, falling down to the feet or ankles, with very long sleeves. The kimono is always worn on the left side on the right side.

  • Women's kimono and yukata

    Kimono is straight, falling to the feet or ankles, very long sleeves, up to and ground for kimono young women. The kimono is worn always left over right.

  • Japanese shoes

    Here is our japanese collection of shoes, made in Japan, You can find zori, geta and more...

  • Japanese socks

    Find here the best and cheapest japanese socks for zori or geta.

  • Japanese fans paper...

    In ancient Japan, hand fans, such as oval and silk fans was influenced greatly by the Chinese fans. The earliest visual depiction of fans in Japan dates back to the 6th century CE, with burial tomb paintings showed drawings of fans. The folding fan was invented in Japan, with date ranging from the 6th to 9th centuries.

  • bags made in japan

    Discover our wide range of traditional Japanese cotton bags made in Japan

  • Japanese fabrics

    Discover our wide selection of cotton fabrics with Japanese patterns made in Japan

  • Japanese fashion...

    Find our Japanese fashion accessories pen, sewing kit, make-up kit...etc